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You can give your home that wow factor with new iron driveway gates.

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Not all services and features available everywhere.

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alarm security system for home

Since your Internet connection isn’t great you should definitely look for a system with cellular or landline backup. I’d look into abode. Their Connect Plan is only $10 a month or $96 a year and it will give you cellular backup and unlimited self monitoring. Here’s a link to my review of their starter kit w61s9Our primary concern is that we have 3 levels; The front entrance is on the ground floor in our bedroom is on the third floor. When we’re in the bedroom between the white noise machine in the central air system we would never be able to hear anything happening on the first/ground floor. We’re looking for an economical, DIY security system with a loud alarm/siren to alert us when were sleeping And to alert us if there is an intruder when we’re not home.

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Home Security projects will be demanded for family homes within Lehighton.

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